The Flag of The Granite Republic

The Vanguard Flag


1. The foremost position in an army or fleet advancing into battle.
2. The foremost or leading position in a trend or movement.
3. Those occupying a foremost position.

Our ancestors sought an appeal to heaven…

…but freedom can’t be prayed for. Freedom takes an appeal to your fellow man, backed up by good will, principles, conviction, and a well-oiled gun. We welcome providence but aren’t relying on it.

The colors represent the vanguard.

These are the virtues one must hold to be the militia. The militia is what protects the rights of the individual.

  • Red: Conviction, sacrifice, and innovation.
    • Representing the blood we are willing to put on the line; ours and our adversary’s. Red also reminds us of bricks and the industrial revolution; innovation leading us from tyranny.
    • The vanguard is made up of the willing and courageous.
  • Gold: Freedom of association and exchange; sound money.
    • We are reminded of the value that each of us bring and especially the vast wealth our ancestors have left us. Gold also reminds us of sound money and libertarianism.
    • The vanguard understands values and principles.
  • Blue: Cooperation and natural resources.
    • The mills were powered by falling water. Our land and sky is wet. This is our terrain. Our defense, history, and future.
    • The vanguard knows what it is fighting for.
  • The lone pine: The individual, peace, and revolution.
    • The lone pine reminds us of the individual and of life. Our empathy that binds us. It reminds us of the tree of peace of our ancestors. The lone pine also reminds us of the Pine Tree Revolt of Weare, of the Appeal To Heaven of the American Revolution, and that taxation is theft.

Have you joined the vanguard?

Fly The Vanguard Flag at Your Home!

The Granite Republic is more than apparel, it represents a lifestyle.